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the Royal W Resort
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Family on the deck enjoying the pool
If you're thinking about organizing a family
reunion or are already working on one, you're at
the right place. Family Reunions are very special
to us and are one of our specialities. It is
estimated that over 200,000 families, each
averaging 50 persons hold reunions each year.
Many are held right here at the Royal W Resort.  
We have the right accommodations and enjoy
hosting them. We can help in many ways with
our experience.

Organizing a family reunion is a gift. It is an
unselfish commitment to your family to stay in
touch and make an effort to be among kin.
Family reunions are times for hugs and kisses,
smiles and warmth. They provide a feeling of
belonging not only to the larger family of man
but to the family the reunion. Family reunions
are great adventures and opportunities to savor
history and legend. They are also ideal
occasions to stay in touch in person. Traditions
flourish once your reunion is established. Cindy
and I are committed to your family reunion so
you really have a great time here at the Royal W

Give us a try you'll be happy!
Family Reunion at our Outdoor Internet Cafe
Great fun on the deck
Doc's Crew